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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Inmate changes story in B.I.G. murder case

The murder of the Notorious B.I.G. took yet another twist as the man who implicated a former Los Angeles Police Department officer has admitted to lying about the officer’s role in the killing.

According to the Associated Press, Waymond Anderson mentioned in deposition that his lie was part of a scam to win a monetary settlement from the city of Los Angeles.

The deposition, which was taken on Aug. 20 and first reported yesterday (Sept. 26) in The Los Angeles Times, further stated that Anderson was offered a portion of any settlement if he testified that former LAPD officer Rafael Perez told him that another ex-police officer, David Mack, was involved.
Mack, who is currently serving time in federal prison for bank robbery, and Perez have both denied having anything to do with the still unsolved murder.
In his deposition, Anderson goes on to accuse the family of Notorious B.I.G. (born Christopher Wallace) and their lawyer, Perry R. Sanders Jr., of offering to give him a portion of any award for falsely implicating the police.
Sanders denied the accusations as he told the Associated Press that "This is wholesale, made-up-out-of-whole -cloth perjury.”
Anderson’s revelation is the latest chapter in the continuing saga surrounding March 9, 1997 murder of Wallace.

In the years following the tragedy, the Wallace family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit accusing the LAPD, and specifically Mack, of being responsible for the rapper’s death in addition to seeking damages from the city.

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