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Monday, October 1, 2007

Eva Longoria Sex Tape?

Whether fiction or play, the Eva Longoria sex tape is real, not fake.

Stunning Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria may be the latest celebrity to 'star' in a sex tape.
Rumours suggesting a video of the diminutive actress and her NBA star husband Tony Parker are circulating the internet are rife.

According to the Sun newspaper, rumours suggest the video contains intimate scenes of the newlyweds - and if true, is tipped to become even bigger than the infamous tape of Paris Hilton.
The skinny socialite's 'career' has been based on the sex tape of her and former lover Rick Solomon.
According to reports, the tape of Eva and Tony is already available on some pay-per-view adult film websites, although some rumors are suggesting the couple are willing to publish the tape once "legal issues" are verified.

However, similar rumors recently surfaced of White Stripes drummer Meg White, who was the center of a hoax sex video last week.
The brunette musician's spokesperson had to declare "this is not Meg and it is in poor taste" to confirm it definitely was not her on the tape, but many blog and websites around the world are still proclaiming it is.

Source: well, pretty much every fucking website on the net.

Rip The Jacker:
no, i didn't find the tape, and yes i am looking for it.
One of the hottest chicks on the planet has a sex tape out, and i can't help but to be happy about it.

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