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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nas talks about controversial album title, "Nigger"

In a recent interview with music magazine Rolling Stone, Nas spoke about the controversy surrounding his new album title and Universal Music Group's decision to stick with the name.
Nas said that his previous album, 'Hip-Hop is Dead' was supposed to have the name 'Nigger' but “the climate wasn’t right, and Hip Hop Is Dead is also what I was feeling. That went first, and now I’ve got to get this one off my chest,” he explains, also speaking about the wave of hate crimes involving nooses around the country. “It’s the new act of hate, and probably because of Barack Obama, people’s ignorance and fear and jealousy is creating an outrage throughout the country, and people are reacting by putting nooses up. It’s been a really serious year,” the rapper explained.

Regarding the controversy surrounding the name, Nas said “It’s like talking to your child about sex. It’s hard, but it’s important,” he says. “It’s probably going to make people uncomfortable. I don’t expect a lot of people to sell a record called Nigger. Hopefully, people can open their minds up and lose some of their fear and deal with it. It’s just an album. It’s one piece of the many things I do, and this will be one of my favorite pieces.” “It will be certain record stores that will be scared to deal with it. The record label is gung ho, and it’s ready to go.”

Source: HipHopGame.com

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