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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The truth about Eva Longoria's "sex tape"

Eva Longoria's much-talked-about "sex tape" hit the Internet on Tuesday – but it's not what bloggers and tabloids initially hinted.

Turns out everyone got "Punk'd": Longoria's video was the latest spoof to show up on Will Ferrell's Funny or Die Web site.
"I'm so amused. It's so funny. Oh my gosh. I've gotten like 100 calls on it saying it's so hilarious," Longoria gushed to Ryan Seacrest during his KIIS-FM radio show Tuesday.
"We've got this comedian called Perry Hilton, who does everything that Paris Hilton does. If you go on there, he's gotten a DUI. He goes out clubbing ... So, they go, 'We want to do a sex video in that night vision – kind of like the one she did,' " Longoria explained.

The PG-rated clip, shows Longoria wearing lingerie, chatting on a bed with a hunky "Perry." (One blog, Egotastic.com, identifies him as actor Eric Christian Olson.) The video is shot in night-vision with a fake time stamp of Feb. 3, 2004, before Longoria hit it big on Desperate Housewives and married NBA star Tony Parker.

Reports circulated earlier this week that the Housewives star was the victim of a purloined steamy sex tape that she made with Parker. However, Longoria told Seacrest, not only did Parker think her skit was "freaking hilarious," the couple are "very square" and have not made a tape of their own.
As for Funny or Die's previous handiwork, its initial video, The Landlord, in which Ferrell was chewed out by a "drunken," 2-year-old landlord named Pearl, was viewed more than 40 million times.

Video: You can watch it here.
Source: People.Com etc.

RipTheJacker: so this bitch thinks she's funny, this is a bigger disappointment than Aceyalone's reggae album.

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