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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jam Master Jay Murder: New Developments

It's been five years since the murder of Jam Master Jay, and still like most rap murders, there hasn't been a single arrest. But, according to a witness who was in the 24/7 studios the night Jay was killed on October 30, 2002, the gunman, who has never been identified, has a telltale tattoo on his neck and another witness to the shooting could help solve the mystery if he'd just speak up.
JMJ's business partner, Randy Allen, revealed that bit of information in public for the first time in an interview Sunday in New York's Daily News. Allen told the paper that the inked killer hugged the hip-hop legend before pulling out a gun and shooting him in the head.
The Daily News reported "Jay looked up at the guy to say, 'What's up, and the next thing you know, a shot goes off." Allen told the paper he heard the shots from the studio's control room and, when he rushed in to see what had happened, he saw Jay's body on the floor in a pool of blood. There was also no sign of the gunmen.
Allen himself, was once suspected in the murder but cooperated fully with the police investigation and has since been cleared.

Source: HHL.Com

Read the full article here.

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