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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mad Skillz - From Where??? [1996]


: February 13, 1996
Uploaded: January 20, 2008

  1. From Where??? [Intro]
  2. It's Goin' Down
  3. The Nod Factor
    [You can watch the video for this song here]
  4. VA In The House
  5. Tongues Of The Next Shit feat. Kalonji The Immortal
  6. Doin' Time In Da Cypha
  7. Tip Of The Tongue
  8. Extra Abstract Skillz feat. Large Professor & Q-Tip
  9. WMAD [Interlude]
  10. Get Your Groove On
  11. The Jam
  12. Move Ya Body
    [You can watch the video for this song here]
  13. Street Rules
  14. All In It
  15. Unseen World feat. Lonnie B, Kalonji The Immortal, Dr. Mynbenda, Lil' Roc & Javon The Medieval
  16. Inherit The World

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Underground9 Overview:
Mad Skillz's debut album released in 1996. In today's hip hop world, he is famous for doing the critically acclaimed 'Rap Ups', now under the name Skillz.
This debut album is what you can expect and even more from this great rapper. First off, the lyrics. On this album, Mad Skillz sound like Big L on some tracks, just without the gangsta factor. On tracks such as "VA In The House" and "Tip Of The Tongue", Skillz shows off his real lyrical talent. He even holds his own with hip-hop legends such as Q-Tip and Large Professor on "Extra Abstract Skillz".
The only real complaint with the lyrics on the album are the choruses. Frankly, most of the choruses are unoriginal and just down-right stupid such as:
"Floatin lyrics from the Tip Of My Tongue
I (swing), i (sway), I (swung)"
Not only that, but most of the choruses, although short, repeat 4 times after every verse. Not only is it frustrating, it makes you want to switch to the next track, only to run into the same exact dilemma.
The production isn't really a problem as it include Large Professor, Jay Dee, and Buckwild at their prime, which makes me wonder how Skillz got  those great underground producers. Even the beats produced by Mad Skillz aren't bad, all together the album has great beats. 

Flow & Lyrics: 8 /10
Beats: 9 /10

Download and enjoy.


Miguel said...

Hey man... that "Floatin lyrics off the tip of my tongue..." line is from Organized Konfusion's "Fudge Pudge". An homage. Organized Konfusion has to be my favorite music act ever. Don't diss... But I'll have to check out the actual example of the chorus to know whatchu mean ;)

hip-hop since 75 said...

Thanks for posting this album.
You are right about the choruses tho but the album was decent overall. One of the dopest cuts on the album was "Tongues of that next shit" feat Kolonji the Immortal",who was Skillz partner at the time and produced by Diallo (credits read Horns programmed by Diallo while Skillz took the production credit)

LDC tha iLLesT said...

I get an error trying to unpack the file, i tried with 7zip and winrar, tested it first says its ok but when i try to npack it gives me all errors...
It says therez a faulty syntax so it cant unpack?!
Sum1 know a solution so i can unpack?