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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

De La Soul - The Grind Date [2004]

Released: October 5, 2004

Uploaded: February 12, 2008

  1. The Future
  2. Verbal Clap
  3. Much More feat. Yummy Bingham
  4. Shopping Bags (She Got From You)
  5. The Grind Date
  6. Church
  7. It's Like That feat. Carl Thomas
  8. He Comes feat. Ghostface Killah
  9. Day Of Our Lives feat. Common
  10. Come On Down feat. Flava Flav
  11. No feat. Butta Verses
  12. Rock Co.Kane Flow feat. MF DOOM
  13. Shoomp feat. Sean Paul
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  • All Tracks Are 192 kbps
Underground9 Overview:
'The Grind Date' is the latest release from legendary Long Island trio, De La Soul. I am fairly new to there music, since I only half-listened to their debut '3 Feet High And Rising'. I am pretty mad with myself, that I could sleep on such a great hip-hop group for so long. From the production to the lyrics, this album rarely disappoints.
This album's production features hip-hop icons 9th Wonder, J Dilla, Jake One, Madlib, and Supa Dave West. Surprisingly, Dilla isn't the stand-out producer on this album. That title, belongs to Supa Dave West. From the soul-sampled 'He Comes' to the slow-ballad 'It's Like That', Dave West shows his versatility. The other producers did great jobs, but unfortunately, Madlib doesn't deliver as well as I hoped listening to this album, and the two tracks he produced (Shopping Bags and Come On Down), frankly, are my most skipped songs, although the latter may be because of Flavor Flav's irritating screaming all over the track.
The lyrics' on this album are outstanding, Posdnous and Dave don't disappoint for a moment during the duration of the album. Also, acclaimed lyricists Ghostface, MF DOOM, and Common make guest appearances on this album.
This album will take you for a great ride, there are few skippable tracks, and even those are good songs in their own right. One of my favorite albums since listening to it, this album will make you an instant De La Soul fan.

Flow & Lyrics: 9/10
Beats: 8/1o


Anonymous said...

thanks man, i just wanted to say that this is one of the best blogs in the net keep up the good work!!!

Spleenz said...

Madd good blog. Been coming here for a while. Keep this up, it's nice to see someone who doesn't buy into all this hip-hop is dead mindless shit and just follows the masses.

Hip-hop is alive and it's livin here.

Anonymous said...

great blog thanks for the album. i would like to buy a lot of this albums, the problem is that they don´t get edited in southamerica, and to buy them from the states is kind of expensive if you live in argentina. still i try to do it when i can. support real hip hop homies