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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rakim - The Archive: Live, Lost & Found [2008]

Released: March 4, 2008
February 27, 2008

  1. Hip Hop
  2. Love 4 Sale
  3. Word On The Street
  4. It's Nothing
  5. It's Been A Long TIme
  6. My Melody
  7. Don't Sweat The Technique
  8. Follow The Leader
  9. Ghetto
  10. Guess Who's Back?
  11. What's On Your Mind?
  12. Remember That
  13. It's Nothing
  14. Saga Begins
  15. Move The Crowd
  16. Paid In Full
  17. I Know You Got Soul
  18. I Ain't No Joke
  19. Juice (Know The Ledge)
  20. Mahogany
  21. Eric B. Is President
  22. Microphone Fiend
File Size: 78 MB
DOWNLOAD: Rapidshare
DOWNLOAD: Rapidshare
  • All Tracks Are VBR [GroupRip]
This is a collection of unreleased and live Rakim tracks, except for the first four tracks which are new.
Download and enjoy.


Haqq said...

Hey wheres your reviews? I download shit according your reviews :P

Anonymous said...

thanx for the albums, keep doin yo thing



PlayalitiKal said...

Just came across your blog, well done, it's amazing, good to see someone keeping real underground rap alive.