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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pacific Division - Sealed For Freshness Blendtape


Released: 2007
Uploaded: April 1, 2008


1. Intro
2. Pacific Division
3. Definition
4. Nasty
5. Put Me On
6. U Know My Style
7. Ack Like You Chillin'
8. Passin' Me By
9. Flexin'
10. Brand New
11. Grown Kids Syndrome
12. How We Chill
13. Do My Thing
14. Unbelievable
15. Okay (Like This)
16. Syc & Mibbs
17. Bang It
18. Run
19. Relax

File Size: 105 MB
DOWNLOAD: Megaupload
  • All Tracks Are 192kbps

Underground9 Overview:
Pacific Division (Pac Div for short) is a hip-hop trio hailing from Los Angeles comprised of brothers Likewise and Mibbs and emcee B. Young. The Sealed For Freshness Blendtape is their debut blendtape (not a mixtape nor an album) and shows a promising future for Pac Div.

In the 'Sealed For Freshness Blendtape' Pac Div spits over classic old school instrumentals such as 'Mass Appeal', 'Passin' Me By', ''93 Til Infinity' and 'Bonita Applebum'. That doesn't mean that there aren't original production on this blendtape. The tracks 'Grown Kids Syndrome', 'Act Like You Chillin', and 'Flexin'.

The three emcees sure don't fail in the lyrical portion of the blendtape. On the track Put Me Own, which is Pac Div's rhymes over A Tribe Called Quest's classic instrumental of 'Bonita Applebum', emcee Likewise spits:

"Man these niggas can't rap but,
nowadays you get signed for if you wack
so let me rap about how I'm pushing crack or
how I'm getting stacks oh I think I like that
Or maybe I can rap about rims
Yeah, black people love those
and we can shoot a video with hoes
dancing by the poles while taking off their clothes"

Highlights on this blendtape include 'Grown Kid Syndrome', 'Put Me On', and 'Passin' Me By'. This is definantly something that you don't want to miss and it is worth the download and so will their album 'The F.A.T. LP' when it is released later on this year.

Flow & Lyrics: 8/10

Beats: 8/10


F.A.T. Boys off of 'The F.A.T. LP' Video

You can download this video in .mp4 format (for ipods and PSPs) here.


Sk93 said...

Samuel Dalembert?

Anonymous said...

Very nice album !

Thx to you, a great discovery for me!

The sound Pacific divison is a cover ? That make a sound familar !