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Friday, April 18, 2008

The Roots - Game Theory [2006]

Released: August 29, 2006
Uploaded: April 19, 2008


  1. Dilltastic Vol Won(derful)
  2. False Media feat. Wadud Ahmad
  3. Game Theory feat. Malik B.
  4. Don't Feel Right feat. Maimouna Youssef
  5. In The Music feat. Malik B. & Porn
  6. Take It There feat. Wadud Ahmad
  7. Baby feat. John-John
  8. Here I Come feat. Dice Raw & Malik B.
  9. Long Time feat. Peedi Peedi & Bunny Sigler
  10. Livin' In A New World feat. John-John
  11. Clock With No Hands feat. Mercedes Martinez
  12. Atonement feat. Jack Davey
  13. Can't Stop This
[You can watch the "Don't Feel Right" trilogy video here, containing the songs "In The Music", "Don't Feel Right" and "Here I Come"]

File Size: 81 MB
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Underground9 Overview:
This is the seventh studio album from Hip Hop band The Roots, an acclaimed work that helped making 2006 one of the most successful years in the genre.
There's just too much to say about The Roots, many of you should already be familiar with their Jazz sound and the unique usage of live instrumentation.
The lead mc is Black Thought, currently the only member of the legendary band that raps, on the album you will find many appearances by other artists, mostly by the former member Malik B.
What makes a Roots album unique? the sound, the heavy use of drums, abstract guitar play and a raw delivery that never gets old, the work put into this album is what makes it a classic.
The album is rich with sounds within great tracks, i loved the calm beat and clean delivery on "Clock With No Hands", as well as the emotional feel of "Atonement", even the fast "Here I Come" captured me, most of the album is a treat for the ears.
Here's a verse from "Clock With No Hands":
"Yo, I'm like Malcom out the window with the weapon out
Searching for somehow to find a minute or the second now
Precious time is money that I ain't got to mess about
Need it from the horse's mouth or from an eyewitness account
Lessons with my back to the wall, scoping my session out
Stay a little edgy at times when I ain't stressing bout
Haters don't know shit about me, they the ones that talk shit
Those that love me send it out, so I ain't got to force quit
Cause I'm doing better now, don't mean I never lost shit
I was married to a state of mind and I divorced it, man
I'm from where brothers moving product from the porches
People locking their doors, clutching to their crosses
The block hot by the law, there ain't too many choices
So what I do is for y'all, there ain't too many voices left
I watch my back, and watch my step
And I might forgive, but I will not forget come on"
It's hard to find a favorite track in an album like this, the album's singles are impressive, i remember when i first heard "In The Music", the track started with a stripped drum beat, then a guitar started playing, a fast paced sound that turned into an unexpected dramatic beat, the track amazed me, it's easy to get hyped up with the aggressive lyrics:
"It's kinda ill how we grip these bitches in the Bonneville
It's kind of a thrill, my mind it will spill, my nine it will kill
Of course bro like crossbow, I bring the force though
Hittin your guts splittin your torso
It's colder than the North Pole livin unlawful
I'm giving you a jawful Of somethin awful
Yo my theoretic is leaded, Will come and set it
The shit bang and leave you diabetic for paramedics
I spit flames and get dames to get change
With pitbull bark and lock the shock
Don't bother me Och, don't you dare lie to me Och
I don't know, who's this nigga that you try to be Och
Benefit of doubt had me think you in it for clout
Big shit, send it for route and finish him out
Joints stiff from rigor mortis
While we swimmin in waters, women with daughters
Will have us niggaz sinnin with orders"
One of the songs that are worth mentioning is "Long Time", a very joyful song with an incredible feeling belonging to it.
The album's last song is "Can't Stop This", an eight minute tribute to the late J Dilla, an incredible track.
Expect a lot from this album, it's filled with unique material that will perhaps need some time to get used to but once you hear every sound that richened the complex production, every verse born from the artists' minds you will hardly forget about it.

Flow & Lyrics: 9/10
Beats: 7/10

Here you can read a full review on RapReviews.

Download and enjoy.

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