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Friday, May 16, 2008

BadNewz - Falling Down: The Mixtape [2007]

Released: July 12, 2007
Uploaded: May 16, 2008

  1. Intro
  2. Cocaine
  3. NoNoNo
  4. Liquor Store [Skit]
  5. Bruce Wayne
  6. 24 Bars feat. Juste
  7. Block Trespassing [Skit]
  8. Run The Block feat. Lou Armstrong
  9. B.A.D.N.E.W.Z.
  10. Korean Interview [Skit]
  11. Stick Up Kids feat. Killa Bee
  12. It's Whatever feat. BR
  13. Phone Skit
  14. Free Mass
  15. Get It In feat. Gaff Dram
  16. You Missed [Skit]
  17. This Is My Life
  18. Cali Mal Shout Out
  19. Cigarettes feat. Trey Pound & BR
  20. Teenage [Skit]
  21. Growing Pains
  22. Because I'm Real feat. Tangg Da Juice
  23. Welcome To Boston feat. Juste
  24. Outro
  25. Black Child
File Size: 88 MB
INFO: MySpace
DOWNLOAD: Sharebee
  • All Tracks Are 192kbps
Artist Info:
BadNewz - a.k.a. Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Killa B a.k.a The Last MC - is a product of the street with more than enough credibility to back up his cutting edge rhymes. Born and based in Boston, BadNewz has spent significant time growing up and down the east coast - Hes lived in Newport News and Hampton VA, North Carolina, and in NW Washington DC.
While traveling from 'hood to 'hood, Newz has experienced all that life hasto offer and now shares his knowledge with the world.
Against all odds,Newz has been able to parley the talent he acquired as an adolescent to mesmerize his friends and confound his competitors. He is known for his thought provoking rhymes, many of which are developed on the spot.
Newz brings to life Jay-Z's question "...maybe if you've been through half the shit I've lived through that'll make your pen move." Newz effortlessly compiles songs and lyrics with meaning that can captivate his listeners.
Having grown from a hustling youth to a profound man, BadNewz builds on the foundation his family and son have provided.

Underground9 Overview:
A reader last year emailed me recommending me this mixtape, i immediately downloaded it not sure of what to expect, listening to track after track i was nothing less than amazed.
What maybe impressed me the most was BadNewz' flow, like Blu's release the same year it captured me with amazing songs like "Cocaine", "Black Child", "Welcome To Boston" and "Growing Pains", an amazing street feel and deep lyricism.
Unfortunately between the great material are some weak tracks that might appeal to the mainstream listeners, while others are plain waste of time.
In my opinion it's definitely worth a listen, a considerable amount of people have recognized BadNewz' incredible talent, way too good for a mixtape.

Download and enjoy.


James said...

Very nice vibrancy !
I'm totaly fan: what better than listen this mixtape drooping in my lounge with a big "sensei" !

And it's french ! J'aime mon pays :D

frich. said...

good lookin out.

Anonymous said...

WoW i serch this tape like a MadMan, thanks fam!!! Rafaelz