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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Immortal Technique - The 3rd World [2008]

Released: June 24, 2008
Uploaded: June 19, 2008


  1. Death March
  2. That's What It Is
  3. Golpe De Estado feat. Temperamento Y Veneno
  4. Harlem Renaissance
  5. Lick Shot feat. Crooked I & Chino XL
  6. Apocrypha
  7. The 3rd World
  8. Hollywood Driveby feat. PsycoRealm & Sick Symphonies
  9. Reverse Pimpology feat. Mojo
  10. Open Your Eyes
  11. Payback feat. Diabolic & Ras Kass
  12. Adios Uncle Tom [Skit]
  13. Stronghold Grip feat. Poison Pen & Swave Sevah
  14. Mistakes
  15. Parole [Evil Genius Mix]
  16. Crimes Of The Heart feat. Maya Azucena
Hidden Bonus Tracks:
  1. Apocalypse Remix feat. Poison Pen & Swave Sevah
  2. Watchout Remix Rebel Arms feat. J.Arch & Da Circle
File Size: 87 MB
DOWNLOAD: Sharebee
INFO: Wikipedia

  • All Tracks Are VBR [Grouprip]
Underground9 Overview:
This is a mixtape from praised underground mc Immortal Technique, a release that follows a 5 year long absence, hosted and mostly produced by DJ Green Lantern.
Green Lantern did a pretty disappointing job on the production which is simply awful on the track "The 3rd World", barely decent on the rest while surprisingly acceptable on "Death March", Chino XL did an even worse job on "Lick Shots", predictably, even Bronze Nazareth's beat sounds weak.
Immortal Technique does come up with good lyrics, even thought I can't say that I enjoyed his overaggressive approach on some songs and the senseless casual verses, politics is still a very used subject in the lyrics but tracks like "Reverse Pimpology" are embarrassing to listen to.
This release can show off one good gem that can be compared to Immortal Technique's previous work, that is "Crimes Of The Heart", an amazing song which comes along a beautiful beat and Technique sounds more relaxed, a similar approach to the one displayed on his previous albums.
So far this album sounds more of a commercial move by the rapper, what people should take in consideration is that this is nothing more than a mixtape, Technique has stated that he stopped working on his next album recently just to take care of this release, I'm expecting "The Middle Passage" to be closer to what we heard in his past albums, I sure hope it will.

Apparently some people got their feelings hurt by the words above, some idiots don't accept this being a mixtape, while others don't agree with my view.
I am a huge Immortal Technique fan, his second album is the only 10/10 rating on here, it had everything, from the feeling to the message, but this release is not even close to it's level.
I realized that i might have been a little harsh on the rating, now that I've passed the initial disappointment i can appreciate this release a little more, however, I still stand with what i wrote before.

Flow & Lyrics:


Download and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

yeah I totally agree with you on that one!

Mike. said...

Don't trip. Fanboys are always going to whine and bitch with people who have varying opinions (Technique fans especially).

As a mixtape/street album it's definitely one of the best I've heard, but as a legit album (which it is not), it's not even close to Vol. 2 in terms of quality.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's that bad. The good tracks are really really good, while the bad tracks are pretty bad. But overall I think it's tight, Golpe De Estado came out fucking tight, so did Open Your Eyes, Hollywood Drive-By, The 3rd World, and a couple of others.

But yeah, in terms of IT becoming more commercial, Reverse Pimpology is an example of just that, Lickshot is a pretty bad commercial rap-sounding song too, but the good songs make up for it.

chr!s said...

"That's What It Is" along with "Crimes of the Heart" = heat.

for real. my jams of the week. mixtape is decent. beats are a little lacking but still knockin every now and then. nice to hear new ish from tech. hes evolving in a progressive matter. lookin forward to the album (whenever it drops lol)

RipTheJacker said...

"That's What It Is" along with "Crimes of the Heart" = heat.

couldn't agree with you more, chr!s.

raptor5099 said...

^^word, feelin that last one..

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Revolutionary Vol.2 is one of my favorite albums and "The 3rd World" is not at the same level. Glad it's just a mixtape.

My favorite 3 songs on it.
1. Crimes of the Heart
2. Harlem Renaissance
3. That's What it is

Anonymous said...

Where's the apocalypse rmx? I can't seem to find it.

Binh said...


Apocalypse rmx. Anyone got a link for Rebel Arms?

Anonymous said...

Good review, its on point..he does come too overaggressive on some tracks and I don't really like the direction to which he went with his voice, sounds like he's trying too hard to make it sound deeper...on revolutionary vol. 2 it was more natural and passionate, and u didn't get bored on repeated listens. There's still a couple gems here though but hope he saved better material for The Middle Passage and that its closer/ above vol. 2's level. Peace.

Anonymous said...

"Am from were police brutality is not half as nice,
It makes the hood in AMERIKKKA look like paradise" BLAAAA!
It's a fucking Mixtape stupid, and you really don't get it. It's bigger than you think, Tech is reaching the 3rd world, not the "FANS" or you internet Critics. He's waking up those fools that are asleep in the Industry, and having them join the Revolucion! It's a full blown attack on the oppressive industry. His also recruiting SOLDIERS from the 3rd world! and homies in the hood that are here in a strange land because of THEM!
Tech is bridging the gap between the white people that know about what's happening and feel him, and the oppressed people in the hood that are living the product product IT! That's why you don't get it...is ok!
I don't think DJ Lantern had the skills to do that though....
More over Tech still tackled real issues; Parole, Mistakes, Open Your Eyes, Shit even Reverse Pimpology..
I like his previous shit, and I his new album. I've learned something from all of them either way!

Anonymous said...

the apocalypse remix is found by rewinding the 1st track to negative time (about -4:10) it worked once for me and now it doesnt play has anyone else had this problem?

jdub0112 said...

crimes of the heart is pretty legit.
Hollywood drive by is ill.
payback, ras kass has the best verse. its rare to see Tech get trumped by a featured artist, but it happens on that track. everything else was meh, but those two tracks were definitely worth the dl. Just use this as a cushion to sit on til the middle passage and volume 3 drop. peace all!

Anonymous said...

fucking sick ass album
rebel arms is the best track on there
waitin on middle passage now


i agree with the anonymous with the long ass post lol i see where you're coming from from a strictly critic standpoint but you gotta understand this album sounds mostly to me like a message to get his word out he might've gone a little commercial but the lyrics keep the shit underground plus if you're a true REVOLUTIONARY you'll feel what he's doing i like the beats they're decent but mostly i'm about the lyrics i think that the over aggressiveness is the selling point fuck the corporate bullshit that's going on in the world that was the point of this album/mixtape/whatever you wanna call it


erin said...

you didn' listen to this cd carefully enough!
i can't argue how you feel about the beats, i think they were good
reverse pimpology is an amazing tune
its one of my favorites, the beat is awesome
& the message is fucking awesome too,
i can see how people could not be into it,
but i guess it just really appeals to all the bullshit in my life
v.s the bullshit in industry which is the reversed pimpology by the fat cat super powers i looove it
" someone did your mother like that, thats why you fatherless,before jail or racist cops thats where the problem is " thats ill!!
thx for posting the album though still

Anonymous said...

stupid fucks. Why do you think he says

"They never going to find this shit"

Like the weapons of mass destruction"

peppe said...

tnx alot for the release!

good album

Anonymous said...

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Jesse said...

I always have mixed feelings on Technique, His revolutionary volume 1 and two were great with the political lyrical content, pretty intelligent things. But then there's the over aggressiveness and the ego that's all too common in most hip hop in my opinion.

With the 3rd world, lyrically; had the good and the bad as usual. Very information and intelligent, of course with style and that hip hop attitude. There were a couple confusing parts of some songs that I questioned if it was satire or not...

As far as producing/beats DJ GreenLantern's style isn't really my taste. Not really into the modern bling bling sounds, not sure if u know exactly what I"m talking about but I definitely hear a lot of that influence. But after listening to it for awhile, even the songs Dj Green Lantern did with Dead Prez, it wasn't that bad. C'mon there's alot worse out there. I still liked the 3rd world, I give it 9/10

Anonymous said...

yall also got to take into considerations that most of these songs were freestlyes he had previously spit that had been recorded inside of clubs on the streets ect,

Anonymous said...

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