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Monday, June 16, 2008

Snowgoons - German Lugers [2007]

Released: February 27, 2007
Uploaded: June 10, 2008


  1. Heads Or Tails feat. Virtuoso, Chief Kamachi & Jus Allah
  2. Who What When Where feat. Celph Titled & Majik Most
  3. Never feat. Reef The Lost Cauze
  4. Gunz feat. Sean Price, Doujah Raze & Just Allah
  5. Teacher's Trademark feat. Wise Intelligent
  6. Thinking About Me feat. Baby Blak
  7. No Guts No Glory feat. Wordsworth, Rasco, OC & Reef the Lost Cauze
  8. German Lugers feat. Mitchell Hennessy & Edi Amin
  9. Black Woods feat Living Legends & MED
  10. Real World feat. Born Unique
  11. Show Love feat. El Da Sensei
  12. Man Of The Year feat. Last Emperor
  13. It's Yours feat. Afu-Ra
  14. Nothin' You Say feat. Edo G
  15. Snowgoons Sonata feat. Pumpkinhead
  16. No Man's Land feat. Breez Evahflowin
  17. Offensive Lineup feat. Craig G
  18. Wait A Minute feat. Kreators
File Size: 91 MB
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  • Partial Album Lyrics
  • Partial Album Artwork
  • All Tracks Are 192 kbps
Underground9 Overview:
This is the debut album from German production team Snowgoons, currently signed to Babygrande Records.
This album died pretty quickly for me, i enjoyed my first few listens but never went back to it again, only recently i picked it up while waiting for Black Snow.
And this is the biggest problem with this album, it's too forgettable, the big names on the tracks don't provide anything more than good flows and an occasional good verse.
So i'm here listening to the songs, even though i've been hearing Reef The Lost Cause rap on "Never" for the past three minutes i don't recall anything coming out of his mouth that captured my attention, the constant insults in battling lyrics are barely covered by the amusing wordplay, what is capturing in this song? the beat, the heavy bass and the repeating strings, the Snowgoons did a very good job on this aspect.
Turn listening to "Gunz", the beat is very sinister and complex, what to expect now besides a good lyrical approach from the rappers, which is barely achieved by Sean Price and just a complete mockery on Jus Allah's side, now i'm amazed by how dark and intimidating Doujah Raze's performance is, the lyrics aren't particularly good but he doesn't sound as bland and boring as the other two.
So basically this is what happens on every track, you get a good beat followed by cheap performance and an occasional good verse, disappointing if you ask me, but pretty predictable.
The artists that managed to come up with a good performance or at least be original are very little, including the Kreators on the beautiful "Wait A Minute" and the impressive performance by Born Unique in "Real World", not forgetting Edo G which has the only relaxed feel on the album, while Afu-Ra raps hard and amazes on his track.
Disappointing but acceptable, German Lugers is not something to remember for time to come but it's easily enjoyable for whoever isn't looking for that amazing lyrical songs we are used hearing from those artists, Snowgoons are talented and their beats are something i sure will remember.

Flow & Lyrics:


Download and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Yo, will you put the link up please?

Anonymous said...

your gay for saying jus allah didnt bring it on GUNZ, he killed it....lame review

MWDP said...

Album's pretty damn good, and I would have to agree with you on the final grade as well.

Anonymous said...

IM sorry sean price and Jus allah destroy that track have you ever heard of syllable rapping before?