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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Update: Ill Bill - The Hour Of Reprisal

Aren't you excited? From what we know Ill Bill's album is gonna be released this month... too bad we don't know shit.
What we all shoulda known is that Ill Bill's "The Hour Of Reprisal" was nowhere near, the constant previous delays and the lack of news made me give up on this release.
But now, so close to the previously stated release date we get a new one, as stated on his MySpace page ""The Hour Of Reprisal" CD/DVD - In Stores 8/26/08".
Fortunately we get 3 new tracks, available through his MySpace page, and a good webrip of the songs that you can download here.
Following are the tracks.

  1. Ill Bill - Unauthorized Biography Of Slayer
  2. Ill Bill - Coka Moshiach feat. Raekwon The Chef
  3. Ill Bill - War Is My Destiny feat. Max Cavalera & Immortal Technique
Look at the bright side, now that your hopes have been killed you'll still get to listen to some new material... 3 whole songs...
Oh and we also got a decent sized cover now...


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