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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Jedi Mind Tricks - Violent By Design [2000]

Released: October 3, 2000
Uploaded: November 19, 2007


  1. Intro
  2. Retaliation
  3. Contra
  4. Speech Cobras
  5. Breath Of God Interlude
  6. Death March
  7. Words From Mr. Len Part One
  8. I Against I
  9. Exertions Remix
  10. The Prophecy Interlude
  11. Heavenly Divine
  12. Sacrifice
  13. Permanant Midnight Interlude
  14. The Deer Hunter
  15. Blood Reign
  16. Words From Mr. Len Part Two
  17. Genghis Khan
  18. Trinity
  19. The Executioners Dream
  20. Muerte
  21. Heavenly Divine Remix
  22. Army Of The Pharaohs: War Ensemble
  23. Untitled
  24. Retaliation Remix
  25. Blood Runs Cold
File Size: 99 MB
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  • All Tracks Are VBR [2004 Reissue GroupRip]
Underground9 Overview:
This is the second album by underground hip hop group Jedi Mind Tricks, and is my second favorite underground album of all time.
The album is almost perfect, trough the album only a couple of tracks are weaker than the rest, but if judged separately even the weak ones are impressive.
As you should know, JMT is composed of rapper Vinnie Paz and the producer Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind, for this album Jus Allah was included in the group, after the album was released he separated from the duo.
Now this record symbolizes Vinnie Paz's change in flow into a more rough, aggressive tone, which makes a perfect contrast with Jus Allah's softer voice.
The real star of this album is Stoupe, the production on this album is simply amazing, every song is a treat for the ears, violins and guitar strings, and this should simply explain why he's my favorite producer of all time, and this album has the best production work i ever heard through the years.
The beats are rich with classic samples and harmonious sounds, the beautiful work Stoupe has done on this record to my opinion will never be matched by any other producer, without such beats i doubt JMT would have gained the respect it currently has.
Tracks like "Blood Runs Cold", "The Deer Hunter", "Sacrifice" can be considered some of the greatest songs in the history of hip hop and music in general, it's beautiful albums like this that keep hip hop eternal.

Flow & Lyrics:
9 /10

Beats: 10 /10

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Download and enjoy.
You can listen to some of this album's songs in the Music Player at the bottom of the page.

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