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Monday, November 12, 2007

MF Doom - Operation: Doomsday [1999]

: January, 1999
Uploaded: November 12, 2007


  1. The Time We Faced Doom [Skit]
  2. Doomsday
  3. Rhymes Like Dimes feat. DJ Cucumber Slice
  4. The Finest feat. Tommy Gunn
  5. Back In The Days [Skit]
  6. Go With The Flow
  7. Tick, Tick... feat. MF Grimm
  8. Red & Gold feat. King Geedorah
  9. The Hands Of Doom [Skit] feat. DJ Subroc
  10. Who You Think I Am? feat. King Caesar, Rodan, Megalon, Kamackeris & Kong
  11. Doom, Are You Awake? [Skit]
  12. Hey!
  13. Operation: Greenbacks feat. Megalon & King Geedorah
  14. The Mic
  15. The Mystery Of Doom [Skit]
  16. Dead Bent
  17. Gas Drawls
  18. ? feat. Kurious Jorge
  19. I Hear Voices [Part 1]
File Size: 85 MB
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  • Full Album Lyrics
  • Partial Album Artwork
  • All Tracks Are VBR [Reissue GroupRip]
Underground9 Overview:
After being part of KMD for years, Zev Love X returns with a new alias, MF Doom.
MF Doom is not just a simple stage name, it's what you can define the rich mind of Daniel Dumile, it symbolizes a complex world, made of invented stories crafted along fantastic beats and amazes listeners with calm rhyming and poetic verses.
Not much to say about the mysterious rapper, but to fully appreciate this debut album not only you have to love the intelligent side of hip hop, you have to open your mind and listen carefully.
Now Doom is one of the most respected producers of all time, his unique style is easily recognized, the album is a treat for the ears.
Of course i gotta find the bad part of this album, very limited but still you can find some disappointing lyrical delivery from the rapper.
Definitely "Operation: Doomsday" is the best Doom album so far.

Flow & Lyrics:
8 /10
Beats: 10 /10

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Download and enjoy.


chewman3 said...

No one should sleep on this album, this is my favorite hip-hop album. The beats on this are just spectacular and some of the best I've heard.

Anonymous said...

damn, all links have removed it...
any clue where i get it? seems to be a big one..

Factual said...

There is an error when trying to download.
Here's a link that works to download it:


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