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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Scarface - The Fix [2002]

: August 6, 2002
Uploaded: November 11, 2007


  1. The Fix
  2. Safe
  3. In Cold Blood
  4. Guess Who's Back feat. Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel
  5. On My Block
  6. Keep Me Down
  7. What Can I Do? feat. Kelly Price
  8. In Between Us feat. Nas & Tanya Herron
  9. Someday feat. Faith Evans
  10. Sellout
  11. Heaven feat. Kelly Price
  12. I Ain't The One feat. WC
  13. Fixed
File Size: 88 MB
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  • Full Album Artwork
  • Full Album Lyrics
  • All Tracks Are 256 kbps
Underground9 Overview:
"The Fix" is my favorite Scarface album, it was released with extremely positive reviews and is known for receiving a full rating from the legendary magazine The Source.
The song "What Can I Do?" amazed me with it's deep lyrics accompanied by Kelly Price's beautiful voice, definitely one of the greatest tracks of all time.
The production is very good, i always thought that some of the beats were not right for Scarface's flow, but it still doesn't disappoint.
Another standout song is "In Between Us" in which both Nas and Scarface lay down some dope verses and even the extremely long and almost painful solo from Tanya Herron can't manage to ruin it, the beat on this track is very nice.
On this album you can hear a different side of Scarface's personality, on the previous albums he appeared with rough lyrics and beats while on this one he goes on a more spiritual direction, definitely at his best.

Flow & Lyrics: 9 /10
Beats: 8 /10

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Download and enjoy.

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