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Friday, November 16, 2007

Update: Lupe Fiasco - The Cool [Cover]

Above is the official cover for the upcoming album "The Cool" that will be released on December 18, "Lupe Fiasco" in center is an obvious resemblance to the Arabic writing used in the golden Kur'an ornaments, Lupe's a muslim as you might know.

Here you can read a very detailed album breakdown, you can check out the tracklist as it follows, taken from Wikipedia.

  1. Iesha Poem [Intro]
  2. Free Chilly [Interlude]
  3. Go Gadget Flow
  4. The Coolest
  5. Superstar feat. Matthew Santos
  6. Paris Tokyo
  7. High Definition feat. Snoop Dogg & Pooh Bear
  8. Little Weapon
  9. Hip Hop Saved My Life feat. Nikki Jean
  10. Gold Watch
  11. Street on Fire feat. Matthew Santos
  12. Hello Goodbye feat. UNKLE
  13. Gotta Eat
  14. Dumb It Down feat. Gemini & Graham Burris
  15. The Die feat. Gemini
  16. Put You on Game
  17. Fighters feat. Matthew Santos
  18. Go Baby Go
Very nice cover, i hope the album will not disappoint.
As soon as it leaks it will be available on Underground9.

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