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Monday, December 24, 2007

CunninLynguists - A Piece Of Strange [2006]


: January 24, 2006
Uploaded: December 24, 2007


  1. Where Will You Be?
  2. Since When
  3. Nothing To Give [You can listen to this song here]
  4. Caved In feat. Cee-Lo Green
  5. Hourglass
  6. Beautiful Girl
  7. Inhale [Interlude]
  8. Brain Cell
  9. America Loves Gangsters feat. Tim Means
  10. Never Know Why feat. Immortal Technique
  11. The Gates feat. Tonedeff
  12. Damnation [Interlude]
  13. Hellfire
  14. Remember Me (Abstract / Reality)
  15. What'll You Do? [You can listen to this song here]
  16. The Light feat. Club Dub
File Size: 85 MB
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  • All Tracks Are VBR [GroupRip]
Underground9 Overview:
This is the third album by southern underground group CunninLynguists, composed of rappers Deacon The Villain, Natti and talented producer Kno, a significant change from the previous albums, the group sounds more mature and the production work is often considered weaker but it's simply different.
The track that maybe captured me the most is the beautiful "Nothing To Give", an abstract piano beat and a perfect hook, a lot of sadness and harmony in this song along with excellent lyrical content, it's also my favorite CunninLynguists song.
Another track that amazed me is the sad "What'll You Do?", Kno comes up with a beautiful guitar beat, a person on YouTube said "this is what rap sounds in paradise", i agree on this thought, very deep and spiritual track.
Other songs worth mentioning are "The Light" and "Caved In", some great material on this record, the good parts are way superior to other CunninLynguists work, but some weak tracks shoulda been cut out.
An album worth downloading, enjoy your listen.

Flow & Lyrics:
9 /10

Beats: 9 /10

Here you can read a full review on RapReviews.

Download and enjoy.


wickes321 said...

Dude, thx. I forgot I had the pre advance copy, and was so used to hearing "this is pre advanced copy," every 40 or so seconds that I never thought to get the new copy. But haaaaa now I do. Thx

MWDP said...

If nothing else, this one deserves a 10/10...

Anonymous said...

totally a 10/10...

John said...

I've never heard anyone say that the production on APOS is weaker than SU or WRFF. In fact, it's mostly the opposite. I even saw one person claim that when he first heard it he thought that it was the epitome of music. Not hip hop...music. Crazy nut lol, but this is a 10/10.