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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Art & War Of Misanthropic Philanthropy


: April 3, 2007
Uploaded: November 21, 2007


  1. Closure
  2. Primitive Feedback
  3. El Fin
  4. Trapped
  5. Profits
  6. Change
  7. Lost
  8. Born
  9. Aether
  10. Sky High
  11. Brevity
  12. War Child
  13. Misanthropic Philanthropy
  14. Human Condition
File Size: 90 MB
DOWNLOAD: Megaupload
INFO: FP / Myspace

  • High Resolution Cover
  • All Tracks Are 192 kbps
Underground9 Overview:
I was very surprised by this debut, the dark production brings classical sounds to the listener, while the lyrics are beautiful in it's complexity, the major subject of this record is the questions about life, disease, war, murderous minds and expresses the hatred for what mankind has become.
Now you probably don't know much about S.E.L.F, i too am new to their music, so we gotta start with the Lotus Tribe.
Lotus Tribe met as troubled high schoolers with a mutual concern for the lack of a real hip hop scene in San Antonio, TX. Four years of cultivation and regional acclaim has led to the "Self Expression is Living Free" (S.E.L.F.) project and "The Art & War of Misanthropic Philanthropy" which features Lotus Tribe's MCs The Reason, Trinit-I and Aura.
My favorite track is "Aether" that lyrically amazed me, the beautiful strings beat made it one of my favorite tracks of 2007.
The only thing that disappointed me is the artists' flow on some tracks.
This is definitely worth downloading, this album is one of it's kind.

Flow & Lyrics:
7 /10

Beats: 8 /10

Here you can read a full review on HipHopLinguistics.

Download and enjoy.


3XD said...

hey man, i appreciate you re-upping this for me cause i think i was the only one that requested it. mad props foreal. favorite blog by far.

h4waii said...

Can we get a re-up onto RS perhaps?

Anonymous said...

this cd is a must for everyone that is tierd of all this bubble gum rap on the radio and in mainstream. ive seen lotus tribe 4 times in concert and to me they just bring the house down. this is real hip hop no bull.

Danielle said...

I appreciate these cats so much.

My favorite is the title track which according to Jason a.k.a. Trinity is Charlie Chaplin's ending speech in The Dictator.

The lyrics are here.

In light and love

Danielle said...

Here's the link

Anonymous said...

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