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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Non Phixion - The Future Is Now [Platinum Edition]


: March 26, 2002
Platinum Edition: April 20, 2004
Uploaded: January 13, 2008

Disc 1 Tracklist:
  1. Futurama
    [You can listen to this song here]
  2. Drug Music
  3. The C.I.A. Is Trying To Kill Me
  4. If You Got Love feat. Pete Rock
  5. There Is No Future
  6. Uncle Howie
  7. Rock Stars
  8. Say Goodbye To Yesterday feat. Cenophia Mitchell
    [You can listen to this song
  9. Black Helicopters
    [You can listen to this song here]
  10. Strange Universe feat. MF Doom
  11. Cult Leader
  12. It's Us
  13. Suicide Bomb feat. The Beatnuts, Al Tariq, Marly Metal & Moonshine
  14. Where You Wanna Go
  15. We Are the Future
  16. The C.I.A. Is Still Trying To Kill Me
Disc 2 Tracklist:
  1. Futurama [Instrumental]
  2. Drug Music [Instrumental]
  3. The C.I.A. Is Trying To Kill Me [Instrumental]
  4. If You Got Love [Instrumental]
  5. There Is No Future [Instrumental]
  6. Rock Stars [Instrumental]
  7. Say Goodbye To Yesterday [Instrumental]
  8. Black Helicopters [Instrumental]
  9. Strange Universe [Instrumental]
  10. Cult Leader [Instrumental]
  11. It's Us [Instrumental]
  12. Suicide Bomb [Instrumental]
  13. We Are The Future [Instrumental]
  14. The C.I.A. Is Still Trying To Kill Me [Instrumental]
Bonus Track:
  1. I Shot Reagan [1998] feat. Necro
File Size: 162 MB
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Underground9 Overview:
This is the debut album from New York underground Hip Hop group Non Phixion, it features production by legends such as DJ Premier, Pete Rock and Large Professor, as well as group affiliate Necro, JuJu of The Beatnuts, Dave One and T-Ray.
Non Phixion was composed of rappers Ill Bill, Sabac Red, Goretex and DJ Eclipse.
This is by many considered an underground classic, it's definitely a very impressive release but various ups and downs are not classic material.
Let's start with what i consider the best parts of the album, well besides an amazing production on most of the album the flow, delivery and lyrics are outstanding, Ill Bill is the most present on the album, his starting verse on "Black Helicopters" is my favorite one, below is a fragment.
"Had the time of his life; a capitalist with a communist wife
Started to fight and did to cats what God did to Christ
Hardly the type to give garbage advice; he was larger than life
He'd penetrate the roof of your car with a spike"
Sabac Red featured the less trough the album, but him and Goretex can easily stand up to Bill's lyrics coming with aggressive verses along with a nice delivery, Sabac's verse on "The C.I.A. Is Trying To Kill Me" is outstanding, while Goretex shines on the beautiful "Say Goodbye to Yesterday", my second favorite song on the album.
"I move through the projects, lights, rhythm and smoke
Idiom quotes, somebody said religion's a joke
Buried my man at 18, the cancer took him in months
He died before he lived, but once gone I felt touched
My old earth followed in '91, 6 months apart
Project stress, blackouts, and walks in the park
People change, cause when I look back I feel strange
Goin through old flicks, our days numbered, turnin the page
I can't go back, we learn to live with hate and respect
A tale from the heart prevail through the pain and regret"
Some of the darkest material, aggressive rapping and dark beats are the exact opposite of what you'll find on a mainstream release, if you're familiar with Hip Hop's underground you will definitely enjoy this album.

Flow & Lyrics: 9 /10
Beats: 8 /10

Here you can read a full review on RapReviews.

Download and enjoy.


eez said...

Great album. Grab it, don't miss it. Five starz!

mogli said...

absoplute top album. great lyrics great truthwork some great beats. really enyoing non phixion.

Lizard King said...

Thanks man! Gonna listen to it now.

Keep this site running :-)

siepLFO said...

If I extract the rar archive, there's no files. Is this password protected / corrupted?