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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

DJ Muggs Vs. Sick Jacken - Legend Of The Mask And The Assassin [2007]


: September 11, 2007
Uploaded: January 22, 2008

  1. The Initiation
  2. Mask And The Assassin
    [You can listen to this song
  3. Ciclon
  4. Land Of Shadows
    [You can watch the video for this song here]
  5. God's Banker
  6. Reptilian Renaissance
  7. Praying Mantis
  8. El Barrio
  9. Interlude
  10. Unorthodox Blocks
  11. The Hole (P.O.W.)
    [You can listen to this song here]
  12. Stairs To The Beast
  13. Black Ships
  14. Rebel Angels
  15. Silent Crimes
  16. 2012
    [You can listen to this song here]
File Size: 79 MB
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  • Full Album Artwork
  • All Tracks Are VBR [GroupRip]
Underground9 Overview:
This is a collaboration album of Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm and DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill.
Many of you should know Muggs thanks to his 2005 collaboration album with the legend GZA, some know him from his old Cypress Hill days, while Sick Jacken is a less known figure he does his best on this release that unfortunately passed almost unnoticed.
The album is very dark as it follows the complex story, makes me think of an old horror movie, a work of a genius but so dull in it's ways.
Muggs' beats are what will probably impress you the most, a work in minor with sounds that give the exact feeling to Jacken's lyrics.
"I always wondered what death would be like
especially when Duke died and came back, and said he didn't see light
was that a glimpse into eternal sleep, no afterlife
or promise of hell, the mystery as dark as the night
all signs told me my days were numbered walking the earth
and i go out just as bloody as i did on my birth"
By now you might have a wrong idea, the album is not close to the horrorcore genre, such lyrics and storytelling are what makes it different, tracks like "Mask And The Assassin" are accompanied by curious beats and follow a story in it's lyrics.
This release deserves more attention than the one received, definitely one of the best 10 albums of 2007.

Flow & Lyrics: 8 /10
Beats: 9 /10

Download and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

this album is sick!!
can you find and post the lyrics please?


RipTheJacker said...

Every time i wanna post an album I look for the lyrics in numerous websites and forums, i'm sorry but i can't find any for this album, except for the two Spanish tracks..

Anonymous said...

ok.dont matter!
thanx for your great job


Anonymous said...

it actually says

"especially when DUKE died and came
back, and said he didn't see light"

referring to Jacks brother Duke who was shot

Anonymous said...

Its no phantasm what he talks about. its a real conspiracy thought-book which handles existing theories mixed with myth aspects (again complete theories).from its message it gets close to "sick since" or "canibus" .. next to the randam luck album the best album i heard since years, really, seeing there r guys out knowing about whats goin on and also the beats are absolute top like the voice and flow. really amazing work. so, just respected the thought about it would all "just" be a phantastic horror show. sadly the guys are closer to truth than most get.

and thx alot admin for your work, great site :)

Anonymous said...

the mix between Jack and Muggs is phenomenal especially the contrast of the squeaky, sharp, quick Jack and the deep, coarse slower, Muggs
Amazing album and good concepts

Anonymous said...