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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Shad - The Old Prince [2007]

: October 23, 2007
Uploaded: January 13, 2008


  1. Intro: Quest For Glory
  2. I Don't Like To
  3. What We All Want feat. Kamau & Relic The Oddity
  4. Brother (Watching) feat. B & F Kabango
  5. Now A Daze
  6. The Old Prince Still Lives At Home
  7. Out Of Love Pt. 2
  8. The Last Three Years Interlude
  9. I Heard You Had A Voice Like An Angel / Psalm 137
  10. Compromise
  11. Exile
  12. Get Up
  13. Outro feat. Kamau
File Size: 57 MB
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INFO: MySpace

  • Fixed Tracklist
  • High Resolution Cover
  • All Tracks Are VBR [GroupRip]
Underground9 Overview:
London, ON emcee Shad lives up to the potential promised on his debut with a sophomore release that is more mature and cohesive than When This is Over, sounding like an album rather than a collection of songs.
The positive vibe is built around a smooth Native Tongues sound and a loose-based allegory about an old prince who should be king. He touches on several serious subjects such as the hardships of everyday life in “What We All Want”, awkward love in “Out of Love Pt. 2” and, most importantly, not compromising who you are for both “Brother (Watching)” and “Compromise.” He also creates a great extended metaphor with “I Heard You Had a Voice Like an Angel / Psalm 137,” which compares the careers of many commercial artists to the fall of the angel Lucifer. But it's not all just deep and heavy hip-hop; Shad injects light-hearted humour and witty wordplay into many of his most serious songs, and his only truly straight-forward jokey song, “The Old Prince Still Lives at Home,” a song that outs Shad as a cheap scrub, is probably the album highlight. Shad's flipping of two of his most memorable quotables (think Pamela Anderson and Claire Huxtable) are also smile-inducing for fans familiar with his first album.
Shad is still a far way from capturing the charm, charisma and creativity of his live show, but The Old Prince makes a capable attempt to do so and definitely demonstrates the goods that have made a fan of many, including fellow creative emcee Common. And purchasing a copy of The Old Prince not only supports Canadian hip-hop, it helps get Shad out of his parent's house. Is there anything more noble?
By: Thomas Quinlan

I read the above review and found it very amusing, so there you have it, the album's just amazing, definitely in the Top 3 of 2007.

Flow & Lyrics:
10 /10

Beats: 9 /10

Download and enjoy.

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