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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Killah Priest - Behind The Stained Glass [2008]

Released: May 20, 2008
Uploaded: May 14, 2008

  1. I Believe
  2. 4 Tomorrow
  3. A Crying Heart
  4. Hood Nursery
  5. Redemption feat. Jeni Fujita
  6. Profits of Man feat. 60 Second Assassin
  7. The World
  8. Vintage (Things We Shared)
  9. Looking Glass feat. Allah Sun
  10. I Am
  11. The Beloved (The Messenger)
  12. Jeshurun feat. Victorious
  13. God's Time
  14. Born 2 Die feat. Victorious
  15. O Emmanuel feat. Jeni Fujita
  16. The End Is Coming
File Size: 88 MB
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  • All Tracks Are VBR [Grouprip]
Underground9 Overview:
Latest album from Wu affiliate Killah Priest, following last year's "The Offering".
I still didn't download it but i'm expecting a good album, i'll upload it myself by tomorrow and write my thoughts on it.

Download and enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Better than previous.